Ring Re-sizing

A properly fitting ring should feel comfortably snug, sliding on with ease, but should be slightly more difficult to take off. Before deciding if a ring is too tight or loose, wear the ring for a few days to get used to this new feeling. Legacy Touch Fingerprint Rings can be safely re-sized up to one full ring size larger or smaller without affecting the integrity of the fingerprint. Please note that attempting to re-size your ring more than one full ring size up or down may cause damage to the fingerprint. Re-sizing may be performed by a local, licensed jeweler, or you may send your ring to Legacy Touch for re-sizing (see shipping instructions below).

Legacy Touch can re-size most rings in half-size increments, larger or smaller; however, our equipment does have some limitations. Please use the following ring re-sizing wizard to ensure that we can accommodate your request.

Re-size Fee:

Shipping Instructions

Before you send your ring to Legacy Touch, you must contact Customer Service at customerservice@legacytouch.com or Toll Free at (855) 802-6800 and get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Items received without an RMA will not be processed. Please ensure your ring is securely enclosed in protective packaging. We highly recommend the use of a courier service that has door to door tracking, such as UPS, FedEx or DHL, and that you insure your shipment. Please send to:

Legacy Touch
801 NW Commerce Dr
Lee's Summit, MO 64086